Enpass updates its Windows 10 Universal app, adds Windows Hello for Surface

Kellogg Brengel

The password management app developer Enpass announced an update today which enables full-time Windows Hello Support for the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Today’s update brings the Enpass UWP app to version 5.2 and can be downloaded now on PC, mobile device or even HoloLens.

The latest version enables full-time support for Windows Hello on Windows 10 PCs with TPM chips. This means you can unlock the app just using Windows Hello, and not the master password, even when the device or app has just been restarted. While this feature works with Windows 10 PCs with TPM chips, as Enpass points out at this point that essentially means just the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, for now.

Enpass announces full-time Windows Hello support on Surface devices.
Enpass announces full-time Windows Hello support on Surface devices.

Today’s update also brings a few other new features like Secondary Tiles Support for items you want to access frequently from the start menu. The complete list of what’s new and improved includes:

What’s New:

  • Full-time Windows Hello: Like mobile devices now you would be able to unlock Enpass (always) using Windows Hello on supported Microsoft Surface devices.
  • Field Re-ordering: Re-order the fields in an item the way you like.
  • Secondary Tiles: This newly added option lets you pin your frequently used items directly on the start screen as tiles for quick access.


  • Added a new password strength indicator on Detail screen.
  • Improved behavior of Windows Hello dialog.
  • Added option to open web URLs from clipboard in Enpass browser. (for Windows 10 Phones only)
  • Added more search engines (Bing, Ask, Baidu, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Qwant) for Enpass browser. (for Windows 10 Phones only)


  • Bugs fixes and performance improvements.

Lumia 950 and 950 XL owners might be wondering what is so new about this update. That is because Enpass already enabled full-time support for Windows 10 Mobile phones with TPM chips back in June. In today’s announcement, Enpass explains they know it took awhile to bring this to Surface devices. This was because they wanted to do the job right, not just do it quickly. They detailed the security hurdles they had to overcome to enable full-time Windows Hello support in a blog post you can read here.

Password management apps are an easy way to centralize all of your various passwords. And since these apps can remember and enter your passwords for you, you can more readily use long, complicated, and random alphanumeric strings for passwords that are much tougher to crack by sheer brute force. So if you are looking to either upgrade your password security, or simplify managing your ever growing list of passwords, you can pick up Enpass version 5.2 from the appbox below.