Emulator Skin Switcher lets you change the look of your Windows Phone 8 emulator in Visual Studio

Emulator Skin Switcher

For all you Windows Phone 8 app developers out there, do you wish you could change the emulator, or at least skin the emulator, in Visual Studio? Well now you can thanks to the Emulator Skin Switcher. App developers can now change the emulator to look like the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X, or even a Samsung Ativ S.

“Using the emulator skin switcher is easy. Download the latest release, install it and launch the application. Select the skin you want to use and restart the emulator. It should now use your selected emulator skin. You can select a different skin for each resolution,” project creator Geert van der Cruijsen stated on CodePlex. In the first version of the Skin Switcher, there are a total of 17 skins. Developers can even submit custom skins to the project creator. Hit the source link to download the Skin Switcher.

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