Employee-only white Xbox One unboxed for your viewing pleasure

Employee-only white Xbox One unboxed for your viewing pleasure

The unboxing video phenomenon is one I will admit to failing to understand. But whether I understand their appeal or not, the videos continue to prove endlessly popular -- and when there is something feature that is a little out of the ordinary, I will concede that I can see why people watch them. We've already seen numerous Xbox One unboxings, but here's one that's a little different: a white Xbox One.

The existence of the white version of the console is not really news. We have known for a little while that employees involved in the production of the new Microsoft console have been given a limited edition model. There was also a charity auction recently in which one of the console was up for grabs.

But what we have here is an unboxing video that shows the rare version of the Xbox One up close and personal. As you'll see in the video both the console and the controller (which looks particularly sexy, I might add) feature the phrase "I Made This" to signify their employee-only status.

If you're going to be getting hold of your own Xbox One tomorrow or in the near future, the video gives you a taste of your own unboxing experience -- yours will just be rather blacker! Take a look and try not to feel too jealous.

Check out the video so you can see the white Xbox One in all its glory:

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