Bookviser Reader: The best personal ebook reader on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8

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Bookviser: The best personal ebook reader on Windows Phone

When it comes to reading digital books, Apple has iBooks, Google has Play Books, and Microsoft has… well, nothing. Not an eBook store or an official eBook reader app for that matter.

In the meantime, while we wait for Xbox Books (maybe?) to make its debut, you can choose from a number of existing book providers on the Windows Phone Store, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo among others. But what if you want to read from your own collection of eBooks? Unfortunately, you’ll be limited in terms of quality apps that will allow you to do that. Today that changes with a major update to Bookviser that brings along a hosts of new features and UX enhancements.

Bookviser, now called Bookviser Reader, stays true to the Modern UI design language, so it’s clean, simple, and intuitive. Books are presented front and center with no other distractions on-screen, and realistic page-turning animations add to the reading experience. The app also offers a host of customization options for page layout, fonts, and colors among others, so you can truly tailor the reading experience to your liking.

Bookviser: The best personal ebook reader on Windows Phone

You can import your eBooks from a number of sources including OneDrive and your phone/SD storage, in addition to other popular sources of eBooks like FeedBooks, Smashwords, and Project Gutenberg. Imported books will feature on the book library page and your progression through them will be synced across devices once you sign-in with your Bookviser account.

It doesn’t stop at importing and reading books, Bookviser Reader also gives you the ability to highlight and take notes within books, and for those of you who are reading books not native to your language, the app can also translate snippets of text for you.

Bookviser Reader is available now from the Windows and Windows Phone Store for free, and without ads! There are in-app purchases though to enable added functionality. 

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