Elite: Dangerous available on Xbox One October 6th

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Elite: Dangerous was first announced as coming to the Xbox One back in June at E3 as it was also debuted as one of the first two games available in the new preview program for Xbox One. The game has been available on the PC since last fall where it has been most well reviewed as an impressively large space combat simulator MMO (massive multiplayer online). In a Reddit AMA over the weekend (via Polygon) David Braben, CEO of studio that developed and published Elite: Dangerous, announced that the Xbox One version will be officially released on October 6th.
The game has an immense scale as it is played in a procedurally generated galaxy comparable in size to our own Milky Way. In total there are some 400 billion star systems for players to explore in this open ended space sim. Players fight, explore and trade in an MMO fashion to increase their wealth and upgrade their starships as they find their way in this unimaginably massive game.
It was also revealed in the AMA session that not just the original game, but eventually the first expansion pack Horizons will eventually be coming to the Xbox One. The expansion is set to launch on PC this holiday season, bringing the ability to descend and land on the virtually endless number of in-game worlds in the Elite: Dangerous’s procedurally generated galaxy.
For those who participated in the early access version of the game on Xbox One, your ships and modules will not transfer over to the full version of the game on October 6. However, you will be rewarded with game currency equivalent to your inventory at the time of the game’s official launch on Xbox One. Braben also vaguely indicated that at some point there will probably be support for transferring player accounts between the Xbox One and PC editions.
If you want to start exploring this massive online galaxy today, and at least start accumulating an inventory that will be transferred in cash value to the official version, head over to Xbox One Store and pick up the Elite: Dangerous Game Preview for $30.99.

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