Eleven more manufacturers have agreed to preinstall Microsoft services on Android devices

Microsoft apps on Android

Eleven major hardware providers have partnered with Microsoft to have Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype Right preinstalled on their devices. This comes right on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that Microsoft will be preinstalled in various Samsung devices including the Galaxy S6. The move helps raise awareness of Microsoft services on various devices and the Android operating system and makes it more convenient for people to use them.

In a press release Microsoft specified which OEM’s have partnered with Microsoft “I’m pleased to share that we’ve also expanded strategic agreements with leading global OEM Dell, and regional OEMs including TrekStor of Germany, JP Sa Couto of Portugal, Datamatic of Italy, DEXP of Russia, Hipstreet of Canada, QMobile of Pakistan, Tecno of Africa, and Casper of Turkey, as well as top original device manufacturer Pegatron.” Microsoft specifically mentioned that Microsoft services will be preinstalled on devices running Android.

OneDrive on Android

These manufacturers having Office, Skype, and OneDrive preinstalled puts various Microsoft services right in front of millions of consumers. It’s only been recently that some of these services were made available on Android at all and there’s a good chance that many people still don’t know that they can use them on Android devices.

The partnerships also make it easier for people who know these services are available to use them as quickly as possible. All of the details aren’t released but having software preinstalled will streamline the process of opening a box to fully being able to use a piece of technology.

Microsoft is pushing hard to get their services in the hands of every user and tapping into the massive global Android market share may be the best way to do that. If people or businesses enter the Microsoft ecosystem, they are much more likely to become highly prized customers due to regularly recurring subscriptions to services such as Office 365 and Skype for Business.

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