Elderly man confused when trying Windows 8 for the first time (video)

With the recent release of the Windows 8 consumer preview and the praise Microsoft has received about the new Metro UI, there are still those who think otherwise. This video showcases an elderly man who tries Windows 8 for the very first time.

It is fairly obvious that with a user interface change, many questions on how to navigate or find things will come up. In the video, the elderly man is lost and unable to maneuver around the operating system. The biggest complaint that many first-time Windows 8 users have had is the lack of a start button, which Microsoft claims has been re-designed and re-positioned into the Charms bar. Even in the traditional explorer interface, the man seems lost and unable to navigate the interface. The funny thing is, the video ends with the man saying, “they tryin’ to drive me to Mac?”

Will this be the common reaction to those trying Windows 8 for the first time, or is this simply an isolated incident where a person’s unfamiliarity with something new can easily be resolved with an included user’s guide on how to use Windows 8, including a list of keyboard shortcuts? The bottom line is, will Windows 8 be user friendly for those not familiar with the operating system’s new interface or is Microsoft stepping into an epic fail with Windows 8. You be the judge.

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