Elden Ring launches with some performance issues

Robert Collins

It seems all is not quite well in the Realm of the Lands Between. Players have reportedly met with multiple performance issues following the first hours of its release, and the problem is more exaggerated on PC than it is on console, particularly with regards to framerate. Publisher Bandai Namco has issued an apology to players on its website, in which it addresses a seeming host of problems ranging from mouse sensitivity to framerate irregularities to issues with saving game data in the PS5 release.

Elden Ring has been met with almost universal critical acclaim, but has received mixed reviews on Steam due to the problems. A patch has been released, though this largely seems to be a bandage for most players and does not quite fix the issues altogether. Another fix that users might try to ameliorate the stuttering issue in particular is to update the graphics card drivers to the latest version.

Feature image courtesy of Wikipedia.