Egad! Scrabble, from UbiSoft, is now on the Xbox One

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Scrabble is now on the Xbox One

Are you a word smith? Do you revel in the opportunity to use your ‘word of the day’ in everyday life? Maybe you’re a regular reader of the official Scrabble dictionary that for some reason includes words like ‘za,’ ‘caziques,’ and ‘muzjiks' as listed by HowStuffWorks. Then you’re in luck, because thanks to Scrabble now being available on Xbox One you can show off your vocabulary to your friends near and far.

This is the classic version of Scrabble brought to the Xbox One platform and with it comes online and local games, virtual or real life opponents, and a range of multiplayer modes. You also can increase your rank and play opponents with similar rank and skill.

The game costs $14.99 which to many commenters of Major Nelson’s post announcing the game’s availability seems high. A physical version of Scrabble goes for as little as $16.19 on Amazon but there are other electronic games similar to Scrabble that are cheaper.

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