New features coming to Microsoft Edge previewed at the Edge Summit

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Edge Summit 2016 is officially underway and on display at the event is what’s next for the web platform that powers Windows 10, straight from the engineers who build it.

At the event, Microsoft showed off some new and upcoming features for their now 8-month-old Edge browser. The new additions and features are divided into customization, favorites, Cortana, and extensions. Full changes and tweaks can be seen below.


  • Customize and move around your pinned top sites.
  • Open integrated apps for pinned sites straight from the new tab page.
  • Tailor Edge to who you are: Select what you want to read about in the news feed.
  • Customize the sports, weather modules.
  • Use your fingers and gestures to swipe back and forth web pages.
Customize the weather
Customize the weather


  • New tree view in favorites to make getting back to your favorites easier. Simply drag and drop bookmarks around.
  • Streamlined experience to import content from other browsers and have all your stuff in one place.
  • Show icons only in the favorites bar.
  • New ability to pin tabs.
  • In New York Times, you can right click articles and add to reading list. Reading list will show up across devices.
Tree view in favorites.
Tree view in favorites.


  • Right click a work or set of text on the page to ask Cortana about it. She will give you relevant results based on what you’re looking at.
  • While using Cortana on Edge, service powered widgets will show up to show you rich and interactive data.
  • Right-click an image to ask Cortana about the image. Cortana will have knowledge of original images and will do image matching for that image or product image.
  • Cortana can pull up coupons or promo codes for the website that you’re on.
Cortana on Edge
Cortana on Edge


  • Extensions show up in the Edge overflow area.
  • Added a new extension for mouse gesture support to close all tabs.
Extensions on Edge
Extensions on Edge

The list is sure is long, so what do you think of these features? Let us know in the comments below!


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