Edge on Android is #3 on Top Free Communication apps, now at over 1 million downloads

Arif Bacchus

We previously reported on Edge on Android getting to over 500,000 installs, but now a new milestone has been met. Microsoft Edge on Android has been downloaded over 1 million times, picking up steam and showing that the browser is getting noticed by both Android and maybe even ex-Windows Phone fans.

These latest stats are all being shown via the listing on Android’s Google Play Store, which also had Edge with a total rating of 4.2 stars. Much more interestingly, the Google Play Store also has Edge listed as the #3 Top Free Communication app here in the United States, right behind both Facebook Messenger (#1,) and WhatsApp Messenger (#2.)

It’s definitely nice to see Edge picking up this much popularity, especially because it’s only been about two months since it first launched as a beta. It’s still a far cry from the 1 billion downloads of the Skype Android app, but we’re hoping it may get there soon once the app picks up tab syncing and tablet support features.