Edge LastPass extension no longer installs, requires "build 14359"

After password management solution LastPass revealed earlier this month that it would release an extension for Microsoft Edge "later this year", it was quite a surprise to see the extension being released on the Windows Store last Friday. At the time the Windows Store listing detailed that the Edge extension required Windows 10 Insider build 14343, which is strange as Microsoft never released this build to Windows Insiders. Indeed, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider build 14342 on May 10 (which allowed all available Edge extensions to be installed from the Windows Store), then followed with build 14352 on May 26.

The LastPass Edge extension initially required Windows 10 version 14343.
The LastPass Edge extension initially required "Windows 10 version 14343".


While the Last Edge extension did work on build 14352 at the time of our previous report, it no longer seems to be the case. After we received a tip from one of our readers today (thanks Joshua!), we can confirm that Windows Insiders can no longer install the LastPass Edge extension right now. As you can see below, the Install button is now grayed out and the Windows Store details that the Edge extension now requires Windows 10 version 14359.0

As of today, the extension requires Windows 10 version 14359.
As of today, the extension requires "Windows 10 version 14359".

Well, Microsoft has yet to release Windows 10 build 14359 to Windows Insiders, and it's not clear if the company would share its plans for future Windows 10 Insiders builds with LastPass. The Redmond giant has yet to release the Windows 10 Insider build 14352 to mobile devices, and who knows if there will actually be a Windows 10 build 14359 after that. Remember, the Windows Store mistakenly detailed that the unreleased Windows build 14343 was required to install this extension a few days ago.

Anyway, we'll have to wait for the next Insider builds to see if the LastPass Edge extension becomes once again available to install for Windows Insiders on the Windows Store. Did you get the chance to try this extension before it became unavailable? Please let us know about your experience in the comments.



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