Latest Microsoft Edge Dev build adds “tabs from other devices” option in Tab Actions menu

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft just released a new Dev Channel build of Microsoft Edge, and it is adding a fresh feature. Indeed, new is an easy way to open tabs from other devices, directly from the Tab Actions menu.

Pushing Edge Dev up to build 102.0.1235.1, Microsoft doesn’t expect this to be the final build in the Dev channel for version 102 just yet. It’s why we’re getting a new feature, like that “tabs from other devices” option in Tab Actions menu.

As for the specifics on the option, it is better than Chrome, even, which only shows you these options if you go to the in-browser flyout menu for history. Edge’s implementation automatically triggers that pop-out menu with the tab history. Check it out in the screenshot below.

Other than this tabs from other devices option, Microsoft has also added support for a management policy from Chromium to control if the javascript engine behavior to Set Timeout Without 1 Ms Clamp is Enabled. Other fixes cover issues where tabs might crash on mobile when sending feedback, where WebView2 apps might crash, and a crash on Xbox when using Tab search. There’s also a critical fix for where all tabs crash with an error code: FACILITY_VISUALCPP/ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND. See below for the other changes behaviors on desktop.

  • Improved how many types of tabs can be put to sleep.
  • Reduced the number of tabs that are discarded due to memory pressure in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where Tab Search doesn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where printing and print preview sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where certain search engines can’t be removed from Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where certain languages aren’t available in Spell Check.
  • Fixed an issue where IE mode sometimes can’t be enabled or configured.
  • Fixed an issue in Application Guard windows where downloads are sometimes blocked when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where work/school results don’t appear in the search engine when searching from the address bar.

As has been the theme for a while now, known issues with ad-blocking extensions on YouTube, tabs crashing due to outdated antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Suite, and wobbling when scrolling still persists. Happy downloading, Edge Insiders!