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Edge Dev Channel continues to gain new features, now includes spell checker and more

Those who are still testing the new Microsoft Edge on the Dev channel can now try out some new features today. Yesterday, the company released build 81.0.389.2 to Edge Insiders on the weekly updates branch, with new features and reliability improvements over the last update.

Those who spend time writing on the web are sure to appreciate integration with the built-in spellchecker in Windows, making it easier to leave fewer typos in documents and other text bodies. Other new features include the option to hide Collections from the taskbar and a new dialog message to inform users when an extension is being installed in Edge from an external program. Here's the full list:

  • Added the ability to hide the Collections button from the address bar.
  • Added a “coming soon” message to all users who still have favorites sync disabled.
  • Added a dialog to inform users when another program on the device installs an extension in Edge.
  • Enabled integration of the Windows built-in spellchecker.
  • Added a management policy to prevent the first run experience from running.

Microsoft has also re-enabled favorites syncing for more users, and those who continue to be without it will see a “coming soon” message to let them know. The company has also patched up come other issues, such as those causing the browser to crash when the feedback button is used on the Mac, when using accessibility software, and other situations. Here’s what’s improved:

  • Re-enabled favorites sync for some users who hadn’t gotten it re-enabled last week.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting favorites and then hitting undo sometimes causes the favorites to be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the send feedback button sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed a crash when using accessibility software like screen readers.
  • Fixed an issue where closing an IE mode tab sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to customize sync settings during the First Run Experience crashes the tab.
  • Fixed an issue where watching DRM-protected video like on Netflix doesn’t play at the highest possible quality on certain devices with Nvidia graphics.

As a weekly build, there are also some known issues to be sorted out in a future release, as well. Among these include issues causing Edge windows to appear all black, an issues preventing Collections from being enabled by default for some, as well as issues audio and page zooming issues.

Are you trying out the Dev channel of Microsoft Edge? What do you think about what you see so far?

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