Edge Dev Channel build is now available with several new features for Insiders

Brad Stephenson

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Build is now available for Edge Insiders on the Microsoft Edge Dev channel. This latest build adds several new features to the new version of the Edge browser such as dark theme support for full page screens, additional languages, and an improved feedback experience.

Here’s the full release notes:

New features and behavior:

  • Added an option to show only the icon for individual favorites on the favorites bar.
  • Added dark theme support for full page screens (Settings, History, etc.)
  • Added more languages that you can display Microsoft Edge in.
  • Added the ability to choose which categories of diagnostic data are sent with feedback.
  • Changed the ability to pin a website to the desktop into the ability to pin a website to the taskbar.
  • Separated the ability to import cards and payment info from certain browsers away from the option to import other autofill data like names and addresses.

Fixes for improved reliability:

  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a website that’s saved as a favorite by typing its address into the address bar crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the DevTools in an InPrivate window sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting an item from the address bar dropdown sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where signing out of the browser sometimes crashes it.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to sign into the browser sometimes leaves it in a broken state.
  • Fixed a crash when using Read Aloud.
  • Fixed an issue where installation was sometimes failing.

Fixes for improved behavior:

  • Fixed an issue where some favorites on the favorites bar spontaneously lost their text.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where videos on certain websites don’t cause the video controls to appear on the touch bar.
  • Fixed an issue where searching from the address bar doesn’t work with certain search providers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain context menu items were incorrectly appearing in some DevTools context menus.
  • Fixed some strings that weren’t translated.
  • Fixed an issue where the + button to open new tabs sometimes wasn’t the correct color.
  • Improved drag and drop responsiveness on the Favorites page.
  • Fixed some layout issues on the Extensions page when using certain localized builds.

The Dev Channel receives weekly updates for Edge Insiders to test and provide feedback on. The previous update, build, added a variety of UI improvements and customizable options for the New Tab Page.

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