eBay’s Windows app is officially dead today

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Windows users still clinging to the corpse of the eBay app for the platform now need to bid it a final adieu. The removal of the eBay app for Windows has been a long time coming as news of its final support days first emerged a few months ago when the company issued a user alert via the app.

While Microsoft and eBay seemingly were somewhat content on leaving the zombie app in the Windows Store after the announced September 30th discontinue date, the app has now officially been retired.

eBay app for Windows phone
eBay app for Windows phone

As of today, what little functionality that was left in the eBay app has been pulled altogether leaving Windows users with a new message that, confusingly encourages to them to Upgrade the app without offering any actual upgrade alternatives.

Nevertheless, the eBay app for Windows is no longer an option and users who will now be forced to use the browser, although it’s arguably a better overall feature-packed experience.

While it’s always unfortunate to lose a big name native Windows app such eBay, perhaps it’s Microsoft plan to integrate better experiences such as shopping into the Edge browser and Cortana, circumventing traditional app model usage.

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