Easier HDR filters and faster performance are part of Fhotoroom's latest update

Fhotoroom on Windows Phone

Easier HDR filters and faster loading times are now part of the photo editing app Fhotoroom (it is spelled with an ‘F’). Fhotoroom is a heavier duty, in terms of apps, photo editing universal app for Windows and Windows Phone. There are three main parts of Fhotoroom, the camera, editing and sharing.

The phone version offers 22MP editing and array of filters, presets, frames and other options. In terms of camera you get the basic features plus a few extras such as Custom FF Flash and a timer. The Windows version is much more robust with up to 41MP editing "Full Exif and GPS Metadata support " and "Support for 150 RAW* File Formats plus, JPG, PNG and TIFF" according to the app's description.

The community is also a big selling point for the app. Its description states that it’s “one of the fastest growing communities of photography lovers.”

The most recent changes are for the phone version of the app. Here’s the listed changes and updates from the two most recent versions.


- Restored Saturation in new HDR filter


- New HDR Filter easier, faster and more control.

- Major Performance, yes it will seem faster 😉

- Bug Fixes and UX/UI Improvements.

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