Ears amplifies and improves the sound on your Surface tablet by up to 10db

Ears amplifies and improves the sound on your Surface tablet by up to 10db

Microsoft's Surface range of devices (Surface RT, Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2) already have a decent audio speaker quality, but if you wish to improve the loudness and clarity, you might want to check out a new third-party product called "Ears." Ears for Surface tablets are small silicone pieces that slip over the top corners of your Surface device, offering an increase in up to 10db in loudness and clarity when listening to music or watching movies.

Ears is an aftermarket accessory for the Surface tablet which also happens to have Microsoft's blessing. Ears simply redirects the sound towards you without using a power source. That means no wires or batteries to fiddle with. Since the Surface speakers are not facing you, the audio quality is reduced. But with Ears, you can actually improve your audio quality.

"Ears are small, lightweight, and won’t interfere with use of the Surface. If you bump or move the Surface, or even hold it upside down; they won't fall off.  You can put them in your pocket or put them in your Surface’s bag as they take little room. They are a convenient way to increase the sound of your Surface," the product description states. "When you slip the Ears over the top corners of the Surface, the sound goes through the little holes.  Ears then redirect the sound towards you; without Ears the sound is directed to the back. This gives you a higher volume effect without further effort.  Ears also gives the people around you a quieter environment.  For example, in a cubicle at the office, your co-workers in front and to the side of you no longer have the speakers facing in their direction.  Ears directs the sound to the front."

Invented by Brandon Schaap, who lives in China, the Ears for Surface will come in colors that match the Surface Touch/Type Covers. Schaap even has a Third Party Licensing Agreement with Microsoft to use their “Designed for Surface” logo on the packaging for Ears.

If you dislike the low volume levels on your Surface device, head over to the VIA link below to check out Schaap's Kickstarter page and help him achieve what he needs to get his product delivered! As of right now, Schaap needs Kickstarter funding to produce the tools, buy the silicone, and start production. "This is where I need your help. I can’t do this without you," he explains.

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