EA unleashes the Throwback Pack to EA Access members, bringing six PopCap titles

Jack Wilkinson

EA is looking to the past and the classic with its latest round of Vault additions for EA Access members. This time around, the company is adding 6 PopCap fan-favourites from the arcade-era, along with promising future expansion with more titles on its EA Access blog.

The 6 titles that are already available in The Vault are:

  • Heavy Weapon™
  • Bejeweled™ 2
  • Bejeweled™ 3
  • Feeding Frenzy™
  • Feeding Frenzy™ 2
  • Zuma™

On top of this, members will receive 3 additional titles later this year, with the promise of even more:

  • Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst
  • Star Wars™ Battlefront™

EA is calling these current and upcoming additions the Throwback Pack, as they take a look at some of their older titles from previous generations. They can be obtained via the EA Access app on Xbox One.