EA Sports bringing Fantasy Premier League app for fantasy football on Windows 10 Mobile

Mark Coppock

Fantasy Premier League Featured

If you’re a fan of international football (a.k.a. in America, soccer), then you might just be involved in the phenomenon known as fantasy football. If you’re unaware, that’s basically the practice of joining in leagues whereby players create teams based on real football players. The real-life performance of these players each week is used to create a fantasy season where players win and lose games and ultimately compete for bragging rights (and sometimes money).

EA Sports Fantasy Football App coming soon
EA Sports Fantasy Football App coming soon.

EA Sports sees the value in both fantasy football and the Windows 10 Mobile platform, as according to redditer Pserium the developer is creating a Fantasy Premier League app for Windows phones. The app is still listed as “coming soon” and will allow for all of the various requirements such as creating and joining leagues.

Stay tuned for more, as there are no details available other than that the app should be available sometime this month. Let us know in the comments if you plan to take part in the fantasy football festivities.