EA offers 168 free hours of Battlefield 4 on Origin, download the title before August 14

Ea offers 168 free hours of battlefield 4 on origin, download the title before august 14

Game publisher Electronic Arts has made available the blockbuster shooter Battlefield 4 for free on Origin for a week. The offer is a part of many lucrative deals under the Game Time promotional service. The service allows users to play EA games on a Windows 8.1 PC for free for a set period of time.

Users have until August 14 at 10AM PDT to add the game title to the Origin game library. They will be offered 168 hours of game time (a week duration) to enjoy the game. The clock begins ticking only when you have launched the game for the first time.

If the game doesn’t show up at your region yet, fret not, EA says that it will eventually rollout worldwide "over the next few hours." Users who will play the title will be able to have their settings and in-game progress carry forwarded should they choose to buy the Battlefield 4 before the Game Time expires.

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