EA to make exclusive games for Nokia Windows Phones

Electronic Arts has announced plans to develop games exclusively for Nokia’s new Windows Phone devices, the company may develop games such as FIFA 12, Dead Space and more.

Electronic Arts announced that it will release 20 games for the Nokia Lumia device, 10 from it’s EA Mobile division and 10 from indie developers. There is no official word on what games will be released on the devices, and no word on whether the games will be released on other Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft has been trying to get developers to develop more applications for it’s Windows Phone app store, but hasn’t had the best of luck. EA developing games for the Nokia Lumia is a big step forward for Microsoft and it’s Windows Phone 7 device.

Right now, Nokia is preparing to release it’s Lumia 710 and 800 devices in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe later in November. Microsoft hopes these new games will attract more people into buying a Windows Phone, and help the company climb to mobile phone market.

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