EA announces Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta, sign up now

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Mirror's Edge was arguably one of the biggest 'sleeper' hits in recent memory when it comes to the gaming scene. Bringing revolutionary gameplay to the adventure genre, Mirror's Edge's relatively short experience was an excellent proof of concept that the folks at EA left alone for a very, very long time. After years of silence, fans finally got a tease for another Mirror's Edge game a couple of years ago, and soon after, gained the knowledge that the game is going to be called Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.

With the May, 2016, release date approaching, fans of Mirror's Edge can finally start looking forward to information coming out about the game. Anything from new features, online capabilities, map size - sky's the limit while we wait for EA to release all of the juicy details of this long-awaited title. The first big break for Mirror's Edge fans was released today: a brand new story trailer as well as the announcement of a closed beta.

The beta is set to launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 at a yet, unannounced time. We're not aware of the content included in the beta yet, but considering the recent emphasis on single player emersion included in most EA titles and the company's success in multiplayer game dynamics, it may be safe to assume that there's going to be some sort of new online mode that hasn't been announced yet. This is just speculation, but it's possible that we may see open-world and online features in the main game - that seems like exactly the sort of thing that would compliment the explorative spirit of the Mirror's Edge world. How, such a feature would effect the story (for which this new trailer hints at quite a few interesting plot points) is something that the team at DICE could have quite a bit of fun with.

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