EA adds more time to Star Wars battlefront beta for additional testing

Mark Coppock


EA’s Star Wars Battlefront is a hotly anticipated title coming to Xbox One, Sony’s Playstation 4, and Origin for PC. Star Wars fans have been playing the beta since October 8, and EA planned to end the beta today. However, the company has decided to extend the beta a full day, to allow for some additional testing.

We are thrilled you’re loving the Beta and appreciative of all the valuable feedback you’ve provided the team at DICE. Now, we’ve got some news we hope you’ll like: we have decided to extend the Beta and Companion experience for one more day to now end Tuesday, October 13th!
Another day of Beta and Companion will not only give you more time to play, but also let us analyze a few more aspects of Star Wars Battlefront and perform further technical tests. Enjoy your extended time and don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback and thoughts!

Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Hoth.
Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Hoth.

Before you get too excited, “technical tests” could very well translate into “reduced performance,” and so the overall experience might not be what you’re expecting. Nevertheless, another day in the Star Wars universe is better than nothing.
EA also announced a new Season Pass, which will offer up early access to expansion packs and a special “Shoot First” emote, and an eventual Ultimate Edition that will combine the Season Pass with the Deluxe Edition. Whew, that’s quite a bit of Star Wars Battlefront news, which would help hold everyone over until the game releases for real on December 1, 2015.