E3 to receive its first ever PC gaming-centric event in 2015

Sean Cameron


For years, without pause, it became something of a cause célèbre for many around the world to proclaim PC gaming as either dying or ‘dead’. Indeed, with everything from consoles to tablets and mobile phones slated to replace the venerable platform at many points over the past few years, it seemed at times as though there was truth in what was being said.

Yet, especially with the ascendance of Steam, PC gaming has only gone from strength to strength, and the latest news from E3 is confirmation of this. This year’s event is to play host to its first ever PC-centric gaming event, dealing exclusively with titles associated with the platform. The PC Gaming Show, in conjunction with AMD and Blizzard Entertainment, will showcase the finest upcoming titles from some of the biggest titles in the industry.

As reported on Techradar, the event will be hosted by StarCraft 2 e-sports commentator Sean ‘Day9’ Plott and a livestream will take place on Twitch on June 16th.

In all, this is an exciting development, long may this trend continue.

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