At E3, Microsoft to go head to head with Apple, keynote style

The hours are inching closer to E3, the mega Electronic Entertainment Expo happening in Los Angeles in less than two weeks, on June 14-16. Rumors are all over the place, and Microsoft is expected to show off some kind of Xbox at its pre-expo showcase on Monday the 13th (be sure to catch all the latest Microsoft and Xbox news coming from E3 right here on WinBeta!).

It just so happens that another tech company is also hosting an event on June 13th, beginning only a half an hour after Microsoft’s 9:30 am start time. That’s right, Apple’s keynote for their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is on the same day, at nearly the same time. Apple is slated to announce new versions of its OSX, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS software, and maybe just “one more thing”, if CEO Tim Cook can pull off anything more than the rambling, boring keynotes he’s becoming known for.

We’ll be watching the Xbox showcase, of course, and can’t wait to see what new hardware, new software developments, and new games Microsoft will announce at this pinnacle of showcase events for its gaming efforts, but we’ll keep you posted if Apple (yawn) shows off anything of interest.

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