E3 2019: Microsoft shares first details about its next-gen “Scarlett” Xbox console

Kareem Anderson

During the barrage of game announcements, Microsoft snuck in time to release some specs about its upcoming next-generation console officially known as Project Scarlett.

For starters, it appears project Scarlett is a single high powered console with no specific release date or price but is planned to host specs that include 120 fps for games, 8k capabilities, and Microsoft touts its four times more powerful than their current beast in the Xbox One.

Other highlighted features of Microsoft’s next Xbox include custom SSD storage archetypes, ray-tracing, GDDR6 RAM, virtual RAM implementations, support of variable frame rates and a custom mix of AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA CPUs.

Compared to the announced specs of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 that also include support for up to 8K graphics, similar SSD storage, 3D audio, 120Hz refresh rate support, and 8-core AMD Ryzen CPUs; it’s going to be a much harder choice for gamers out the gate for next-generation consoles based on power and framerates.

There was no unveiling of prototypes or renders of the hardware and Microsoft was mum on the pricing of what will be presumably a hefty early adopters tax. The only other details Microsoft revealed about Project Scarlett was that the console would launch with Halo Infinite in time for Holiday 2020, whenever that will be.