E3 2018: Microsoft gives Sea of Thieves fans a taste of new DLCs, in game events

Ever since Sea of Thieves launched back in March things have come a far way. Microsoft holds that there have been over 62 million voyages in the world of the game, with over 1.5 million Xbox friendships also being formed along the way. Furthermore, the game has proven to be popular on streaming platforms, with 21 million live views across Twitch and Mixer, and 1.1 Million broadcasting hours spent broadcasting. That's why at E3 2018, Microsoft teased what's next for the game, down to new trailers for DLCs and new in-game events.

First off, coming to Sea of Thieves in July is the new Cursed Sailes DLC. This expansion brings new Skeleton ships to the game via a time-limited campaign. It ties in with a new type of Brigantine ship, which will the first new ship coming to the game.

Then, coming right after in September is the Forsaken Shores DLC. This is a new volcanic area of the game, which is designed to test the in-game navigation skills of players. Voyages in this area will be filled with rocks raining down from the skies, with players getting a new Row Boat for navigation.

Microsoft is also teasing that players can expect new regular in-game Sea of Thieves events on June 12th. These include the time-limited Skeleton Thrones event, which will give players new goals and rewards on a regular basis.

You can learn more about Sea of Thieves by checking out our Laurent Giret's hands-on impressions with the game. You also can get the game for free as part of Xbox Game Pass, which is a $9.99 a month subscription service.

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