E3 2017: Watch all 4 mysterious teaser videos for Microsoft's Project Scorpio here

All four official teasers for Project Scorpio have now been published on the official Xbox YouTube channel and can be watched right here on this page. Each video is only around 15 seconds long each but contains a variety of images containing hidden messages within such as the new console's potential launch date, October 13th 2017.

The four teasers also express the sense of hyper-realism gamers are expected to experience with the device's true 4K resolution and improved processing power which is significantly stronger than the current Xbox One consoles. Something else worth mentioning is the font used at the end of each video which is new and appears to be identical to the 'S' logo Microsoft recently registered which could suggest that 'Project Scorpio' or 'Xbox One Scorpio' is indeed the console's final name. The videos in order are called, Vein, Goosebumps, Gasp, and Dilate. Here they are.





Are you getting hyped for the Project Scorpio reveal at Microsoft's E3 conference? Let us know what you want to see at E3 in the comments below and follow all of our E3 2017 news coverage here.

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