E3 2017: Tacoma is a new 4K Xbox One X game, digital pre-orders open

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Joining in with the other games announced at Microsoft’s E3 event is Tacoma, a space exploration game from the creators of Gone Home. In the world of the game, it’s the year 2088, and you are on board the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, 200,000 miles from Earth with one very special job to do. The Venturis Corporation needs to get their AI back and you must explore Tacoma and see what happened to the AI and the Tacoma crew.

Tacoma is available now for pre-order on Xbox One for $19.99. Tacoma will be available on all Xbox One consoles on August 2, 2017. Tacoma will be available as a 4K game on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

For more new E3 2017 coverage, check out OnMSFT’s E3 2017 page.

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