E3 2017: New Sonic Forces trailer reveals Shadow and main villain

Laurent Giret

Sega has released a new trailer for Sonic Forces yesterday, one of the two new Sonic games that will be released on various platform later this year. Sonic Forces is set in a world conquered by Dr. Eggman, where players have to fight back using the different capabilities of “Modern Sonic”, “Classic Sonic” and their own custom character.

This latest trailer for the platform game introduces the game’s villains, including Metal Sonic, Shadow plus a mysterious new enemy with strange abilities:

Sonic Forces will be released on the Xbox One and Windows this holiday, but nostalgics of old-school Sonic games should also keep an eye on Sonic Mania, to be released on August 15. This second game seems to be a labor of love and will feature remastered versions of classic stages from previous games as well as some exclusive new stages.

Are you excited about Sonic Forces, or do you think Sonic Mania will get most of the attention of Sonic fans later this year? Let us know your thoughts about these two upcoming Sonic games in the comments below.