E3 2017: Microsoft’s Xbox One X can capture gameplay in 4K at 60fps, 4K streaming possible

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One X Console

Microsoft’s made no secret of the fact that their new Xbox One X console can play games in 4K at 60 frames-per-second but its streaming and capture capabilities had been a bit of a mystery until today when someone simply asked the company’s Mike Ybarra about it on Twitter.

Ybarra simply replied that the Xbox One X can indeed capture gameplay footage in 4K at 60fps and that while streaming is currently set at 720 and 1080p resolution, this was more of a bandwidth limitation for both the host and end-points, not a hardware problem. Basically, once the internet infrastructure advances to the point where it can handle 4K streaming for the everyday gamer, it would probably be enabled.


The question concerning 4K streaming was likely brought up because Microsoft’s own Mixer streaming service recently launched this functionality and used it to stream Microsoft’s numerous E3 streams.

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