Gamers 'won' this years E3 2014 event, not Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo -
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Gamers 'won' this years E3 2014 event, not Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo

E3 2014: It wasn't Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo that 'won' the event, it was gamers

Microsoft, along with game developers, unveiled a plethora of Xbox One games during the company's Xbox media briefing at E3 2014. Sony, who was also on hand during the event, held their own press event unveiling games for the PlayStation 4 console. But the big question everyone keeps asking is, "who won E3?" Well, it wasn't Microsoft or Sony that won. It was you than won. Yes, you - the gamer.

"As we wrap up this E3, I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts on the week. It’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year and this E3 was incredibly special. We saw amazing games from innovative creators, developed for Xbox, Sony and Nintendo. Some people have asked who “won” this week and the answer is simple – the gamers. It’s wonderful to see our industry healthy and delivering what we all want – great games," Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer stated.

Spencer also thanked those who watched the media briefing, visited the booth at E3, or read about the new games that are arriving on Xbox One. The console is slated to receive nine exclusive blockbuster games this holiday season.

"As we look ahead, our team is laser focused on delivering the best line-up of exclusive games and continuously working to deliver new features and improvements to Xbox One. As always, we look forward to your feedback," Spencer adds.

If you missed the E3 Xbox media briefing, you can watch it on-demand.

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