Dropbox UWP app gets Project Neon redesign on Windows 10

Laurent Giret

The Dropbox UWP app has just received a cool update that brings some performance improvements plus an improved UI inspired by Project Neon. For those unfamiliar, Project Neon is Microsoft’s new design language for Windows 10 apps that recently popped up in the Groove and Movies and TV apps, with nice blurring and transparency effects.

The Dropbox UWP app is being developed by Rudy Huyn, who Windows Phone fans may know as a long-time supporter of Windows Phone and now Windows 10. Rudy independently developed Windows Phone apps for popular services without them, and is now a staff engineer at Dropbox. The Dropbox app is already a very good UWP app (you could argue that it’s even better than Microsoft’s OneDrive app), and it’s nice to see that the Dropbox team has a forward-looking approach with Windows 10.

You download the Dropbox UWP app from the download link below, though be aware that you won’t see the new Neon UI if your PC is not running the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Dropbox Lite
Dropbox Lite
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