Dropbox improves its mobile apps with new scanning option, easier Office documents creation and more

Cloud storage company Dropbox is announcing in a blog post today some new productivity tools which will probably be welcomed by those who rely on it to store their precious files and pictures. However, while Windows 10 users have a pretty good UWP Dropbox thanks to the work of popular Windows developer Rudy Huyn, some of these new features will be exclusive to iOS and Android devices as of now.

The first new feature is document scanning, which will let users of the Dropbox mobile app capture scans from whiteboards, receipts, sketches and more. Dropbox Business subscribers will also benefit from an exclusive feature which will allow them to search inside scans.

The app will also let users edit and arrange their scans.
The app will also let users edit and arrange their scans.

Dropbox has also added a new button to create an Office document straight from the Dropbox app. Choosing either option will launch the dedicated Office app if you already have it installed, and documents will be automatically saved to your Dropbox. It's also possible to add comments to a specific part of a file from the Dropbox iOS and Android apps as well as dropbox.com.

The app makes it easy to create Microsoft Office files.
The app makes it easy to create Microsoft Office files.

For desktop users, Dropbox will make it easier for you to share files and folders from the Windows File Explorer or the Mac OS X Finder: thanks to an update to the desktop app, right-clicking on a file or folder adds a "share" option which will let users enter the email addresses of the people they want to invite and adding a message about the files.

Moreover, there are also two new features to help you keep your data safe. First, the Dropbox team is improving version history by allowing users to preview prior files versions before restoring them. Second, sharing has also been updated to allow users set shared folder with "view only access" or to require people to log in to see shared files.

Dropbox is definitely giving some serious competition to Microsoft's OneDrive, and we hope the Redmond giant will keep working on improving its cloud storage service which is built-in on Windows 10 devices. Let us know in the comments if you think Dropbox is currently more full-featured than Microsoft's offering.

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