Dropbox for Windows 10 just got a new feature without having to install an update

Dropbox Windows 10 Interactive Notifications
Email Twitter: @HammadSalim Mar 18th, 2016 inNews

Dropbox is one of the most popular and feature rich cloud storage services. The service is regularly updated and recently  the app received a new feature which didn’t require users to update the app at all, everything was done on the back end.

Dropbox has a special place in the heart of many Windows users because of one of its developers Rudy Huyn. Rudy is known largely for his third party Windows apps but is also a first party developer for Dropbox. He announced in a tweet that a new feature has been activated in Dropbox which shows files viewed on other devices in the Recent tab list in Windows 10.

As we said before, you don’t have to update the app in order to make use of this new feature. He also hinted that more is coming so stay tuned for any other upcoming updates or changes.

Dropbox for S mode
Dropbox for S mode
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