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Drivable cars are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale this week on Xbox One and other platforms

Drivable vehicles have been a feature that was promised since the initial trailer for Fortnite’s current season (Chapter 2 Season 3) but little had been said of them until today when a sudden promotion for what looks like a new car appearing in-game and on the official Fortnite social media channels.

The promotion features a drawing of a car called Whiplash which will apparently be added to the game in a new update rolling out sometime tomorrow across all supported platforms. The update is being labelled the Fortnite Joyride Update which, along with the car reveal, pretty much confirms that this is the drivable car update many had been waiting for.

Fortnite has introduced a variety of transportation mechanics over its numerous seasons ranging from hoverboards and mechs to helicopters and speedboats. They’re often a necessary part of surviving a match of Fortnite Battle Royale as they provide a convenient way to travel quickly from one part of the map to another when evading opponents and the growing storm.

While most players have unlocked all of Chapter 2 Season 3’s Battle Pass content by now, Fortnite is keeping players engaged over the remaining weeks with the sudden appearance of an Ancient Astronaut on the map, the reveal of a sunken city, and the lowering of water levels to add more solid ground to fight on.

It’s unclear what the end of the season will contain but many are expecting some sort of addition to Fortnite’s lore with more references to the astronaut and the rifts.

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