Drawboard PDF updates on Windows 10 with some new features

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The Drawboard PDF app has just updated on Windows 10 devices to Version 5.2.00 which comes with a host of new features and improvements.

Among some of the bigger changes are the added functionality of the Page Manager which now works with all users, redesigned Bookmarks, better support for businesses, and a refocuses Settings section for Touch settings. Here's the official release notes:


Added Page Manager for all users. You can now reorder, duplicate, delete and insert pages, and open the current document into the Document Builder (PRO) for merging.

Bookmarks are now in a collapsible tree structure (hooray!)

The Text Insert tool now allows custom font sizes between 0.1pt and 144pt.

Enterprise: Added features to help integration with document management support systems

Added a 'What's New' dialog box to present new features to users on app startup. This is only visible once per new version.

Added a dedicated 'Open from Image' button in the Open/Create Document menu.


Grouped all touch-based settings into a 'Touch' tab in App Settings. This tab is only visible on touch enabled devices.

Duplicated the Touch to Annotate toggle button into App Settings > Touch.

Page indicator now fades away when there is no activity on the page.

Upgraded author to separate First and Last name fields

Page indicator styling

Zoom widget styling

Optimized Saving has been moved to a 'Save As (Advanced)' button in the More menu.

General styling consolidation across the app

Introduced slide-in panel for App Settings > Account > Enterprise Activation > Sign In

Removed 'Pen or Touch' screen and made other tweaks in the first-time user walkthrough

In Tabs > View & Layout, added Grid Overlay heading to help make clearer that this is a PRO feature.

In Tabs > View & Layout, added option to reset to defaults.

Refined wording of some settings.

Changed hover tooltip over the Discover menu item from "Search" to "Search, Markup History, Bookmarks".

Added a confirmation prompt when exiting the Document Builder (PRO).

Added menus to individual pages in the Document Builder for Rotate and Delete page functions (PRO).

Updated the shortcut key layout in Help screen to be more readable and accurate

In App Settings, we added some information tabs for Drawboard PDF PRO and Bullclip.


Fixed an issue that occurs when a user attempts to Save As over a PDF that's already open in Drawboard PDF.

Fixed an issue where attempting to open one PDF file in rapid succession would result in 'partially' opening the same file multiple times, and consequently putting the app into an existential crisis.

Fixed an issue where multiple signatures could be selected in the Insert Signature tool dialog

Fixed hyperlink styling to always use blue and not the user's operating system accent color.

Fixed an issue where users could not edit the Document Title in Document Builder (PRO).

Fixed an issue where the annotation selection bounding box was not padded on very small annotations

Fixed issue where fast document switching could cause a crash

Fixed a file access error when quickly opening and closing documents

Fixed an issue where opening the app to a password-protected file would cause an error rather than prompt for a password

Fixed wording of Bookmark tooltips

Fixed an issue where links couldn't be tapped if 'Tap selection annotations' was disabled in the Settings

Shortcuts keys should work better on pop-up dialog boxes

Fixed issue where markup remove tool didn't work as expected

Protractor (PRO) line now accurately matches the visible angle value

Fixed issue where where the Document Builder (PRO) was still using system memory after it was closed

Fixed issue where cancelling the password prompt in Document Builder (PRO) would cause an internal error

Fixed an issue where adding a document to Document Builder (PRO) could crash the app

Drawboard PDF is a comprehensive pdf management app for Windows 10 devices that supports both traditional mouse and keyboard controls as well as modern touch and stylus usage. The app is available with a 3 day free trial after which users are required to pay the full price.

Do you use Drawboard PDF or is there another pdf app you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

Drawboard pdf - read, edit, annotate pdf
Drawboard pdf - read, edit, annotate pdf
Developer: ‪Drawboard‬
Price: Free+

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