Dragon’s Dogma anime based on the popular video game series coming to Netflix in September

Brad Stephenson

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Dragon's Dogma Netflix anime series.

Netflix’s anime adaption of the popular Dragon’s Dogma video game franchise has been confirmed to launch globally in the very near future on September 17th this year.

The announcement was made in a tweet posted on the NX Twitter account, Netflix’s place for promoting its more geek culture-oriented series and films. Some key artwork for the Dragon’s Dogma anime was also included in the tweet which you can see below.

Dragon’s Dogma won’t be the first nor the last Netflix anime series based on a video game. The Castlevania anime based on the video game series of the same name is apparently doing well enough on the streaming platform to guarantee a fourth season while a new anime based on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game was recently announced.

Dragon’s Dogma launched on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console back in 2012. An improved version, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, also came out on Xbox 360 the following year and was eventually released on Xbox One in 2017. Dragon’s Dogma Online, a sequel to the original game designed for multitudes of players to play simultaneously, came out in 2015 on Windows and Sony’s PS3 and PS4 consoles but support for it ended in late-2019.

A new entry in the Dragon’s Dogma series has been hinted at for a while but no official announcements have been made. This anime series could be used to drum up interest for the franchise or a potential new entry coming to the Xbox Series X and other platforms but that’s purely speculation at this point.

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