Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available for download on Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available for download on Xbox One

Not too long ago, the folks at EA gave six hours of free Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay to the EA Access subscribers, as well as a 10 percent discount on the digital pre-order of the game. Now the release date has finally arrived, and all Xbox One owners can now get their hands on the game. 

The app description as per Xbox One Store reads,

You are the only one who can stop demons flooding into the land of Thedas. A cataclysmic event plunges the land of Thedas into turmoil. Dragons darken the sky, casting a shadow of terror over a once-peaceful kingdom. Mages break into all-out war against the oppressive Templars. Nations rise against one another. It falls to you and your party of legendary heroes to restore order as you lead the Inquisition, hunting down the agents of chaos. Bonds will form – and some will break – as the campaign for truth takes its toll.

There are two versions of the game available in the store. First up is the simple edition of the game which runs for $59.99, and comes with the copy of the game as well as a weapons aresenal. Second up is the Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition which comes with a $69.99, and offers deluxe upgrade content as an added incentive, such as the mighty Flames of the Inquisition Armor, Armored Mount, and weapons arsenal.

The game offers support for multiple languages. Let us know if you’ve already played the game on your Xbox One.

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