Drag & drop functionality comes to the Microsoft To Do Android app in latest update

Brad Stephenson

Google Android

The Android version of the Microsoft To Do app updated today with support for push notifications and drag & drop between apps and files.
Here’s the full release notes:

  • We’ve brought push notifications to personal Microsoft accounts. You’ll be notified if the other person adds a task or checks one off in a shared list. Coming soon for work and school accounts too.
  • Introducing drag & drop between other apps and To Do—drag & drop text or files into To Do in split screen mode.
  • We’ll now star your tasks from Planner if the importance level is set.
  • Minor improvements, like improving the update speed of the widget.

The iOS version of Microsoft To Do gained the push notifications feature two weeks ago which means that both apps now have relative feature parity give or take the occasional iOS or Android operating system exclusive functions. For example, the iOS app updated yesterday with support for Siri shortcuts, something that’s not possible on Android.

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