Microsoft releases new custom Windows 11 wallpaper to celebrate the holiday season

Rabia Noureen

Updated on:

Microsoft has just released a new custom wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. To design this Windows 11 desktop wallpaper, the Redmond giant has collaborated with Haitian American creative director Kervin Brisseaux, giving Windows 11 users more options to personalize all their devices.

“The light and bright elements of the visual story Brisseaux imagined for his background track with the new color palette and softer, more approachable graphics of Windows 11. Soft floral elements and ribbons play on the operating system’s modern and engaging rounded geometry, while invoking holiday gift-giving traditions,” the company explained in the blog post.

If you’re interested, you can head to this page to download Brisseaux’s Windows 11 wallpaper on your PCs. In case you missed it, Microsoft has also released a new Windows 11 SE wallpaper, and you can find more details in our separate post. Do you like this unique background? Sound off in the comments below.