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Email Twitter: @TheJackah Oct 8th, 2016 inNews

VLC, a popular open-source media player, has made its way to the Xbox One via the Windows Store. As a Universal Windows App, it is already available on both PC and mobile but has now been extended to support Microsoft’s latest gaming console.

While the app is now available on Xbox One, one of the lead developer’s for VLC took to reddit to explain that it is currently in beta stage. They felt it was “important enough to have a version out,” however, it is not a finished product yet. Adding on to this, the developer asks users to report bugs on their bug tracker.

It is important to note that, whilst the media player app does support a wide-range of image and video file types, it does not currently support DVD or Blu-Ray.

Developer: ‪VideoLAN‬
Price: Free

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