Hitman 2's Whittleton Creek Pack is now live on Microsoft's Xbox One console

The Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Pack is now live on Xbox One consoles. This new content pack works as a standalone video game and doesn’t require the purchase of the full Hitman 2 title but it can also work in conjunction with those who own the main game as well.

Whether playing on its own or as part of the full Hitman 2 game, the Whittleton Creek Pack will unlock the sandbox locations and the contract modes for Whittleton Creek (USA) and Hawke's Bay (New Zealand), the Himmelstein (Austria) Sniper Assassin Map, and all future content for Whittleton Creek and Hawke's Bay.

Here’s the full game description:

Welcome to the picture-perfect community of Whittleton Creek, USA – the quintessential American suburb. Get started with HITMAN 2 and enter the world of assassinations in style with the Whittleton Creek Pack.

Included in the Whittleton Creek Pack:

  • Whittleton Creek (USA) sandbox location
  • Hawke's Bay (New Zealand) sandbox location
  • Contracts Mode for Whittleton Creek & Hawke's Bay
  • Himmelstein (Austria) Sniper Assassin Map
  • All permanent and future content for Whittleton Creek and Hawke's Bay

If you enjoy this pack and want more HITMAN 2 in your life, you can upgrade to the full HITMAN 2 experience at a reduced cost via the Upgrade Pack.

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