Download and print the Xbox One Kinect voice and gesture command cheat sheet

Download and print the Xbox One Kinect voice and gesture command list

Did you buy yourself a brand new Xbox One recently? Is “Xbox On” the only command you know? Microsoft has provided an entire cheat sheet in PDF format for you to download, save, and print so you can have an easier time getting to know your Kienct and Xbox One.

Aside from the cool graphics, sleek looks, and awesome games, the Xbox One features the Kinect 2.0 and the ability to interact with your console creating a much more personal experience. The Kinect offers gesture and voice controls, on top of the redesigned controller. So if you are not familiar with these gestures and voice controls, have no fear. There is a cheat sheet available for you.

For example, did you know that you could make the cursor appear onscreen in Home or other apps by simply raising your hand and showing your palm to Kinect? To make the cursor disappear, just drop your hand. You can also say “Xbox select” to see the commands available on the screen. You can also say “Xbox Help” to check out some tutorials.

The cheat sheet offers you all the Kinect voice command and gestures to keep you happy and it is available in PDF format for you to download. Grab it below and enjoy!

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