Doom headed to Xbox One and Windows 10 in Spring 2016

Doom headed to Xbox One and Windows 10 in Spring 2016

Doom is set to launch on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in the spring of 2016, as outlined in a post over at Bethesda Studios announced the Doom development last night and a pre-E3 2015 news conference. Originally slated to be called Doom 4, getting Doom to the the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is a sad story filled with delays and setbacks. The Doom project has been "in development" for years and there seemed to be no set release date. Check out the Doom trailer below.

Marty Stratton, executive producer for Doom, showed a multiplayer overview (video below) as well as two single player demos for Doom. In the video footage, it looks like the classic Doom monsters are back with Imps, Revenants, Cyberdemons, a Baron of Hell, and a Mancubus all returning to try to eliminate you. In addition to Doom monsters, you will have an assorted arsenal of new guns and goodies, including the classic Super Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle and the welcome return of the BFG.

In addition to weapons, Doom will also feature some great melee attacks where you can rip off an Imp limbs or just tear their guts out. Health and armor packs will spill out as you eviscerate enemies, giving you ample opportunity to replenish you.  Weapons are fully customizable, offering a bevy of modifications like scopes and extra ammo magazines. When Doom hits the Xbox One and Windows 10 in Spring 2016, I hope there is a lot more new features and challenges to get excited about.

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