Doodle Bomb tests your reflexes on Windows 8


doodle bomb

Do you like arcade-style games? If you are of a certain generation, the answer is likely yes, you probably grew up playing in an arcade, perhaps even had an Atari 2600 in your home. In fact, you may still be playing those classics in a web browser or emulator.

Now a Microsoft employee known for his recent Windows 8 games has released a new creation, and it harks back to those days. Doodle Bomb is a small file, with simple gameplay, designed to test your reflexes.

“It is a simple game to get warmed up and start bigger projects this year, but I am fond of it because it focuses on a simple game mechanic and tries to deliver a satisfactory game experience”, states the developer, who goes by the handle hielo777.

The process is straight-forward – you’ll need to click on each falling bomb in an effort to disarm it before it explodes. You need to be fast, as there isn’t much time provided, and additional objects on the screen are present to confuse you.

The game is free from the Windows Store – just follow the download link below. There also may just be a Windows Phone version coming down the pike in the future.