Don't expect to see Halo Infinite at X018 -
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Don't expect to see Halo Infinite at X018

Microsoft's Xbox platform is arguably in need of a few wins in the first party game release department when compared to its largest rival, Sony's PlayStation.

During the summer of 2018, Microsoft hinted that its titular franchise, Halo, would be due for another installment, Halo Infinite, that would bring a fresh new perspective to the storied saga and bolster the company's first party offerings.

Since its teaser announcement in June, Microsoft has been rather mum on any further development of the game, only indicating that it should arrive sometime in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.

Despite Microsoft's cautionary release schedule and its announcement of the game being in very early stages of development, fans were still holding out hope that they might see something from the 343 Industries at Microsoft's all-about-Xbox event this year.

Xbox Community director Brian Jarrad took to Twitter to temper any further expectations of seeing any news about Halo Infinite being announced at X018.

While disappointing for fans, it's understandable at this time that any Halo Infinite development news would be saved for a later date and perhaps a more widely distributed industry event. So far, the only information floating around the industry regarding Halo Infinite is the development of a new Slipsace Engine created by 343 Industries for the new game and its focus on multiplayer and micro transactions.

Seems as though fans will have to continue to parse that drip of information for the time being.

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