Don't bank on Windows Phone: Chase Bank app no longer works, either

Kip Kniskern

Chase Bank app no longer supportedSo much for “until further notice“.  This weekend, after announcing back in January that the end was near for Windows Phone users of Chase Bank’s mobile app, the company did indeed pull the plug, and users are no longer able to use the app.  There’s some question as to whether using mobile banking at works, although we were able to successfully log in here.

This hasn’t been a good time for mobile banking for Windows Phone users.  Earlier this month, after Chase announced that it wouldn’t continue supporting Windows Phone, Bank of America pulled the plug on their Windows Phone app.  There doesn’t appear to be any specific technical reason why these banks would pull their apps, and it appears to be highly coincidental that both banks chose to pull support for the platform almost at the same time.

The bottom line is that mobile banking on Windows Phone is significantly worse off than it was a few weeks ago, and it will be up to Microsoft and the release of Windows 10 for Mobile and Universal Apps to convince these banks to hopefully come back on board.  That could happen soon, as Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 would ship “this summer”.