Dona Sarkar shares a few HoloLens creations during HoloHacks dev event

For the past few days, Dona Sarkar, the leader of the Windows Insider program, has been in attendance at the HoloHacks event, an event designed to show off the potential of Microsoft's HoloLens and give developers and people the chance to experience the power that it possesses, whilst spending long days and nights building new experiences.

Throughout the event Dona has been sharing short previews of what the HoloLens has to offer and the creations that are flowing out of the developers creating the experiences for it; enough talk, let's get right into it:

Talking with Dinosaurs

If you thought dinosaurs were extinct and that humans today couldn't communicate with them, you might want to think again. With HoloLens, developers have created an experience that allows you to not only see a dinosaur in action but also to talk with them. In a video tweeted by Dona, you can see a terradactyl flying around whilst a guy showing the experience openly communicates with the creature and it responds to him.

Or laying underneath them...

Quit the chit-chat. Let's go and meet a dinosaur, and lay underneath it, what could possibly go wrong? HoloLens will let you embrace these historic creatures with a bit of a whisper.

Giving Indie filmmakers a budget camera setup

SPIKE, an app for the HoloLens, assists indie filmmakers in having a budget camera setup that helps with their set. In this preview, you can see how the HoloLens is being used to create a virtual camera setup, and how intuitive and simple it is to navigate and use action controls - such as delete.

Virtual projectiles - but mind the chair!

Imagine if we could have war without physical injury. How about firing virtual projectiles at your nemesis? With HoloLens, this becomes a real possibility, although, there is still the concern of running into physical objects whilst you're in the virtual world. Watch as these developers battle it out, only for one guy to set the chair spinning.

It's educational too; learn a language!

Technology is great. You can have fun-and-games, quite literally - but technology is also being embraced in modern society through education. Schools, colleges and universities use tech every day to help students learn. HoloLens could be the latest gadget to help with that, allowing you to learn languages in a 3D world, by finding the correct object.

Let's see what is behind these creations

Behind every creation is a person, or a team of people, working hard to bring the next big experience to people around the world. HoloLens is embracing this with its HoloHacks event; enabling developers to work collaboratively and be innovative.

Take a look at the preparation that goes on to bring these experiences to life (a virtual life, at least). Whiteboards become smothered in ink and developers get a play with their latest build.

Sleepless nights become common, as people continue to bash out more code and improve upon the experiences that they are creating, whilst having fun bathing in the work that they have accomplished.

People crowd together to begin to unleash their creativity; as Dona puts it, "crazy holographic creativity."

HoloLens is currently only being shipped to developers and enterprises, to give them the chance to learn their way around the system - and to begin work on their products. A consumer release date is still to be announced, but you can be sure to experience some of these creations in the not-to-distant future.

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